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3030 Southwest 38th Avenue
Miami, FL, 33146
United States

(305) 503-9921

Replace your failure prone factory Porsche Cayenne Drive Shaft with one of our updated, warranted & dynamically balanced upgraded Drive Shafts.

About Us


EPS is Committed to Quality Products and Eternal Solutions

Based in Miami,  EPS was born by the desire to produce quality products the solve some of the issues that poorly manufactured parts left the consumers to address. For over 40 years, we have offered products that are both upgrades and permanent solutions to catastrophic failure of crucial parts. From the initial assessment to continuous improvement, we select the best suppliers and make it our aim to progress together and create innovations in the automotive industry.

EPS was founded by Gilberto Mesa, an automotive parts innovator who holds several patents for parts that improve the lifespan and performance of its original design. Built on the idea that extensive technical skill and product knowledge leads to the production of high-quality products and efficient services, we pride ourselves in delivering products to our clients in the most efficient and seamless way possible by having Distributors, Retailers, and Installers all across the world. 



I purchased a Cayenne Drive Shaft from EPS for my 2006 996. What a relief it was to know that there was a superior product available for such a great cost. Thank you for providing me with excellent service and prompt shipping. Thanks again.
— Sara Rose
Hey Guys Just wanted to say THANK YOU for the extremely fast shipping. I ordered my Drive Shaft with you on a Wednesday and had my Boxster back on the road on Thursday. Thanks for saving me the hassle and cost of renting a car. You guys are the best.
— Jeff Michaels
After doing some extensive research, I found EPS’ Drive Shaft. From the information I found online, this was the only true external fix to the dilemma. Thank you so much!
— Wayne Meyers